Dance Party! Classixx at Concord Music Hall (October 28, 2016)

Classixx can lay down some sick beats and they proved it tonight at Concord Music Hall. They start off slowly and bring up the intensity gradually. The music never goes crazy. Instead, it reaches the perfect comfortable level of a groove you can dance to all night long. As the lead singer said, there is a great feeling in Chicago right now because of the excitement of the Cubs in the World Series. It seemed to directly tie in the song where they sing “Do you like baseball?” However, it actually says “Do you like bass more” in the song “I’ll Get You”.

For the song, “Whatever I Want”, they had a video of T-Pain singing. Through the use of visual effects in the video, it was close to having a hologram. The entire night featured amazing images on the dual screens. During one song, the screens circled through different nation’s flags with very creative transitions. One line of color would fly off the screen as another flew in. There was also this quirky string-like animation that drew in your attention and danced to the music.

The live show features live keyboards, guitar, drums, and vocals. It blends in perfectly with the prerecorded beats in a perfectly natural way. It’s a dance party that both the EDM and the rock crowd can enjoy. It’s a ballsy move to name yourself Classixx, but they sure do pull it off. Catch them on tour now!

Quinn Delaney

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