Wow! Broadway in Chicago Presents The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at The Oriental Theatre (December 7, 2016)

Christopher is a 15 year old boy on a mission to solve the mystery of the neighbor’s murdered dog. During his search, he discovers another major mystery which intensifies his search for answers. Christopher has a very analytical mind that allows him to piece together the clues, but his social skills are strongly lacking. Everything is very dramatic to him, so it’s very dramatic to the audience too. This play is incredibly immersive. During the quiet emotional scenes, the entire theatre is perfectly silent and paying full attention.

Original tracks from the show composed by Adrian Sutton. Listen while reading the review.

The music for this production by Adrian Sutton is fantastic. At times, it creates a strong feeling of excitement and power which perfectly matches the tone of the scene. At other times, the music is eerie and mysterious and it completely draws the audience into the world of the play.


Les Liaisons Dangeruses
Booth Theatre


The scenic and lighting design by Bunny Christie and Paule Constable is incredible. Upon first entering the theatre, it just looks like a simple grid. However, as the play progresses, the set comes to life with the walls lighting up, secret compartments being opened , and the revelation that the walls and floor can be written on. The set then feels full of possibilities like the holodeck in the Star Trek universe. The London Underground subway scene is especially impressive.


During the play, Christopher is interrupted when he begins to explain a math problem to the crowd. He is promised that he can return after the curtain call and explain it to whomever wants to hear it.  Stick around after the show and hear Christopher’s explanation.  His use of the impressive set to answer the problem is a visual wonderment.


Get tickets now for this fantastically unique Tony Award winning show through December 24th!


Quinn Delaney

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