Topical and Hilarious! The Winner… of Our Discontent at The Second City (December 18, 2016)

In the opening scene, two groups are gathered to watch historical events. One is watching Game 7 of the World Series and the other is watching the Presidential Election results. They both start off very hopeful and as the outcomes become more clear, the laughs come. This immediately sets the stage for a very topical night of comedy.

Second City Mainstage. The Winner of our Discontent

© Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

In a later scene, Kelsey Kinney announces: “Welcome to the new reality show, ‘Who wants to be President?’ Because, I guess anyone can be President. I’m Hillary Clinton.” The next contestant is a duo who will be twice as smart as any previous President, because there are two of them. They are going to do an interpretive dance to the audience’s suggestion, Creed. Soon, their 1999 hit, Higher, begins playing, starting at the pre chorus and the actors begin dancing around. “Can you take me higher?” sings Scott Stapp as they put their hands together and kneel to pray. Then, on the next chorus, one of them stands on a chair and puts his hands out to his sides as if on a cross. The entire time the audience is laughing hysterically.

In another scene, they are watering their lawns. “Mine has a bunch of WASPS in it!” Then, from an audience suggestion of rowing, Jamison Webb goes on a rant about the sport of crew. He talks about its history and about the frequency of the crew practice in the reservoir in Lincoln Park during the summer. He speaks very quickly and for a surprisingly long length of time which has the crowd cracking up. Paul Jurewicz then responds, “Well, that’s where you and I differ!” Next, from the audience suggestion of Aleppo, Jamison does another impressive rant about Syrian refugees and the differing political stances of the United States government in handling this issue. Once again, Paul responds, “Well, that’s where you and I differ!”


In the silliest scene, a man recovering from surgery is entertained by The Bass Man. This one is just too funny to give any spoilers about it. This and other non-political sketches are some of the best of the night. The entire cast does an excellent job and this performance expertly showcases their comedy chops proving once again that Second City is the best comedy theatre in Chicago!

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Quinn Delaney

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