Fantastic! The New Colony Presents Pyschonaut Librarians at The Den Theatre (January 16, 2017)

[Listen to this original track by Matthew Muñiz while you read the review]

Librarians take acid and travel to the anyverse to battle the Sandman. Yes, it’s as bizarre and crazy as it sounds. This wild adventure is full of laughs and excitement.  It’s a trippy love story about a mother helping her daughter overcome her fears, in another dimension. Also, it’s a World Premier!


The actors are outstanding in this play. Matt Farabee plays Dewey fantastically as a hippy from another world. Jack McCabe plays the Sandman in a perfectly dark and creepy fashion. Morgan McNaught is delightful and hilarious as Rosemary. Carlos Olmedo plays the dorky PJ who can’t pronounce R’s to great comedic effect. Michael Peters as the strict librarian Emmerick had the audience cracking up every time he spoke. David Cerda as Hester was delightfully campy and theatrical.  And finally, Christine Mayland Perkins held it all together as Jane.

The sound design is excellent as well. The original track is “The Love Theme” by Matthew Muñiz  which sets the mood fantastically for a trippy romance. The song that plays after the curtain call is Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes. It’s a perfect fit as the crowd empties the theatre with giant smiles on their faces.

Get tickets now for Pyschonaut Librarians through February 12th!

Quinn Delaney

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