Delightful! 13 Things About Ed Carpolotti at The Broad Stage (January 19, 2017)

Two-time Tony nominee Penny Fuller is delightful as Virginia Carpolotti. Her husband, Ed, just passed away and then the secrets start to reveal themselves. She soon learns that her sweet husband has a lot of debt to a bunch of shady characters. The debt owed is far more than she has in her account.


Penny Fuller is only joined on stage by Paul Greenwood on piano. In one scene, she attempts to talk with him. He simply responds, “I’m not really here.” And it’s true, this is a one woman show and he is only there to play the music. Penny’s performance is graceful and joyous as she plays Virginia searching for solutions to her dilemma. Listen to the songs on Amazon or Apple Music.

Ed’s debt isn’t the only surprise in this show. Some twists and turns keep the audience at full attention for the entire show! Get tickets now for 13 Things About Ed Carpolotti through January 29th!

Quinn Delaney

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