Amazing Lineup! Adam Ray, Bobby Lee, Ali Wong, and more at The Comedy Store

Welcome to the World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset in Hollywood, CA! Adam Ray opens the night and immediately starts working the crowd.  He does his job well and  sets things up for a great night of comedy! Check out his podcast, About Last Night.

Bobby Lee tells a tale to the audience about a man who survived after being stabbed 25 times. “Wow, he must be really fat!” He imagines that after the first stab, the fat man would  say, my back itches. After the second, he would comment, I think a fly is buzzing around me. Then, Bobby says his friend tells him he would never get stabbed 25 times. “After the first one, I’d play dead!” Really? You think you could hold still after being stabbed? Bobby then conjures up a hilarious impression of his friend trying to hold still while getting stabbed.  The audience loves it! See him in the Netflix series Love.

Next up, Ali Wong is welcomed on to the stage with huge applause. Wong says she hasn’t performed much lately, since she just had a child.  Ali tells the audience that she needs to get out every once in a while or she is going to throw her baby in the trash! Now that she is successful, people ask if her husband feels insecure about earning less money. Why? Does he hate free money? Does he miss the pressure to provide for his family? The crowd is eating it up. Be sure to check out her Netflix special, Baby Cobra.

Get tickets now for The Comedy Store!

Quinn Delaney

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