Powerful! The Hypocrites Present Wit at The Den Theatre (February 3, 2017)

Wit is staged around Dr. Vivian Bearing, who was asked to go through a controversial chemotherapy treatment to battle cancer. This Pulitzer Prize winning play is smart, emotional, and at times, very funny. In other words, it’s a roller coaster ride of a story.


Lisa Tejero’s performance as Vivian is impressive. Other actors come and go, but she is always on stage. Just like Dan Waller in Spinning, she bounces from scene to scene between the present and the past. She goes through a wide range of emotions as she battles cancer and the treatment of her cancer. It’s an extremely realistic portrayal of the effects of chemotherapy. In her case, the audience can’t help but wonder if all the pain of chemotherapy will be worth the results.

This production excellently builds the drama up to the very climactic finale. After the play ends, the audience stays still in their seats as they process what just occurred. It’s a truly powerful performance that will have everyone thinking about it long after they leave the theatre.

Catch Wit now at The Den Theatre through February 19!

Quinn Delaney

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