Dramatic! FaultLine Theatre Presents Where All Good Rabbits Go at PianoFight (February 11, 2017)

Where All Good Rabbits Go may be listed as a comedy on PianoFight’s website, but is it definitely a drama with some light heartedness mixed in. The newly married couple struggles with a terminal illness. The husband is becoming a rabbit. It seems very silly, but the actors play it straight and earnestly. Thus, the audience takes it seriously. Also, both Ed Berkley and Charlie D. Gray’s performances are fantastically real. They draw us in emotionally to the story. The less than 50 capacity theatre is a perfectly intimate space too.

The sound design by Evan Wardell is excellent. It perfectly sets the melancholy mood. The electric guitar sound on “Getting Bigger” greatly expresses the anger over dealing with the illness. It also accompanies the dancing interludes between scenes which are a good theatrical touch.

The concept of becoming a rabbit at the end of life is an interesting one. It could be used to help young children deal with death. Instead of their parent being dead, tell them that their parent has transformed into a rabbit which will now live in the house. And then, after the rabbit passes away, say it goes Where All Good Rabbits Go.

Get tickets now for Where All Good Rabbits Go through March 4th!

Quinn Delaney

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