Break Dancing! Amy O’Neal’s Opposing Forces at YBCA (February 16, 2017)

Opposing Forces is part of the Clas/sick hip hop series. Upon entering, a hip hop dance party is taking place on the stage and the audience is invited to participate as DJ WD4D plays.

The show features 5 talented b-boys break dancing and exploring the fear of feminine qualities in the culture. They also explore the boy band culture through dancing with mic stands and forming photo shoot poses. During this portion, female underwear is thrown on stage to further portray their boy band fame. Then, more underwear falls from the ceiling! It’s a very humorous moment. Later on, they return with their hoods up and a black cloth over their face making them anonymous. This very interesting piece is like watching silhouettes dance.

The stage is covered in white lines forming various geometric shapes. The lighting excellently highlights these shapes in different ways. At one point, it highlights a square as a performer imagines being trapped in a box. At another time, a red X glows along the lines marking the spot for a dancer’s performance. It really elevated this strong production.


See what’s next at YCBA!

Quinn Delaney

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