Energized! Tennis at Crescent Ballroom (February 21, 2017)

It’s a full house tonight at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix. “We took a year off,” said the lead singer, Alaina Moore. “We weren’t sure anyone would show up when we came back!” Nobody forgot about Tennis and they all danced and sang along to songs new and old. “Never Work For Free” was one of the best songs of the night. It’s such a fun and catchy tune to sing: “I fell in love with a traveling man. I’ll make him mine, do whatever I can!”

Tennis played several songs from their new LP, “Yours Conditionally”.  They played “In the Morning, I’ll be Better,” “Fields of Blue” and “My Emotions are Blinding.”  The new songs are fantastic.

“Whenever we are in Phoenix, we have to give a shoutout to Grandma Jean!” exclaimed Alaina.  Patrick Riley’s grandparents live in town and attended the performance.    Before the performance, Riley was spotted getting them seated comfortably with a great view of the stage.  Their music is appreciated by fans of all ages, from grandparents to grandkids.

Alaina confessed that “This is our first show with our new band.” The crowd couldn’t tell as the drummer and bass player performed all the songs perfectly while being led by Riley on guitar and keyboard.

“Needle And A Knife” and “I’m Callin’” also had everyone dancing. The melodies are infectious and showcase Moore’s great voice. Plainly, they are energized after their break and Tennis looks to have a great year ahead of them.

Quinn Delaney


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