Fantastic! Bell X1 at Lincoln Hall (February 25, 2017)

Early on in the show, Bell X1 plays “Velcro”. “I’ll be your positive. You’ll be my negative…. I’ll be your Velcro!” sings along everyone happily. It’s such a joyous and fun song. Later on is “Out of Love” from their new album, Arms. It shows a new development of their sound. It’s a great sign of a band that is continuing to grow and explore new territory.

In a tribute to all the great artists that passed in 2016, they play “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie. As soon as those first chords are played, everyone starts to move. It’s a great cover choice and it’s very well done. To close out the set, they choose “The Great Defector”. The lead singer, Paul Noonan, sets up a great call and response with the audience responding “love the color of it all” each time. It sounds fantastic.

At one point, Noonan catches an audience member leaning to try and read the setlist. “Don’t do that; you’ll break the fourth wall!” There was a lot of funny little banter like this which provides a great transition between songs and strengthens the live performance. They close with “The End is Nigh”. It’s a beautiful end to a fantastic night of music!

Quinn Delaney

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