Killing It! Cold Roses at Beat Kitchen

Cold Roses are a combination of your favorite genres, and this band kills it. They are like when your favorite song comes on the radio while you’re borrowing your dad’s vintage convertible on a summer night (or what I would imagine that to feel like). From Philly, Cold Roses uses elements from rock, blues, and soul music. With a guitar, bass, keyboard, set of drums, saxophone, trumpet, and a rugged indie voice, this band strikes feeling into the souls in its audience.

When I first asked the band if I could write about them, I told them my affinity for their song “No Silence in the City.” As they began their set, sure enough, I heard: “This song is for Liz, if you’re out there.”


After having a brief fan-girl moment where I jumped up and down and waved my right arm in the air, I planted my feet firmly back on the ground. However, they weren’t there for long, as it is physically impossible not to sway your body to this song. A fast-paced, running beat juxtaposed with lyrics about slowing down—or being unable to. Constantly adding and subtracting volume and instruments, this song builds and drops, similar to a city skyline.

Another highlight was their original piece, “Lose That Man.” Another upbeat number with the horns section at full blast, this song almost capsized me. It’s playful and fun to dance to, not to mention relatable. We’ve all been jealous before, and it’s never pretty. There is really no right way to handle it. However, Cold Roses says “to Hell with it,” and lets their envy unravel. Lead singer and guitarist Rob Clancy is a voice of seduction and the devil on your shoulder, repeating “Told you once, told you twice/ Gonna have to lose that man,” each chorus. The lyrics make jabs and even death threats, all while behaving childishly. I know that sounds like an insult, but it’s actually very rock ‘n roll. It’s the release of inhibitions and mature attitudes. Not to mention, this song has an incredibly jazzy keyboard solo by Dan Finn.

I’m sure I won’t miss Cold Roses next time they’re in town, and I’m telling my friends in Philly about them. They are not capable of a dull moment.

Liz Lawson



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