Thrilling! WildClaw Theatre Presents The Woman in Black at The Den Theatre (March 25, 2017)

The Woman in Black is the longest running non-musical in London’s famous West End. It’s about a man who hires an actor to help him tell a ghostly story to friends and family.  He is seeking deliverance from regular nightmares in the retelling. The story from this man’s past involves a woman whose hauntings terrify and transform the neighborhood and it’s inhabitants.  As the tale unfolds, the audience finds themselves transported most believably to the time and setting of the horrifying events.

The production starts off a bit slow, but it does build to be very exciting. It’s very thrilling as the man searches through the house in almost complete darkness. The sound effects set the scene perfectly and create a very theatrical show. It’s a great touch to play Willy Moon’s “Railroad Track” at the end of the show. Also, the set is full of cobwebs and old wood.  The hall of broken mirrors at the entrance to the stage is a great choice to get the audience slightly unnerved.


Get tickets now for The Woman in Black through April 23rd!

Quinn Delaney


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