Suspenseful! Route 66 Theatre Presents The Source at The Den Theatre (March 30, 2017)

A journalist and a documentary filmmaker are summoned to a hotel in a large foreign city. They are there to meet The Source, an unidentified leaker of classified US documents about spying on citizens. They receive very specific instructions about what to do in order to be sure they are not being surveilled. This includes putting their cell phones into the freezer and unplugging the landline. The two strangers are very suspicious of each other to start. As they learn more about each other, the drama and the suspense builds. Who is The Source? When will they arrive?


The production expertly creates a suspenseful scene. Projectors display a timer and sweeping lights creat a very modern feel. The fast paced music creates a sense of importance and urgency. When someone loudly knocks on the door, the audience is on the edge of their seat to see who it is.

It’s a gripping tale that is all too relevant in today’s political culture. The issue of security verse privacy is a tough one to solve.

Get tickets now for The Source through Sunday!

Quinn Delaney


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