Alternative Rock: The Inventors at Quenchers (4/13/2017)

In a small room lit by a few small spotlights facing the band, and string lights behind them, the audience waited as the musicians tuned up their instruments. Ray, Joe, and Nick began their set drawing us in with their light, fluid guitar riffs and heavy percussion. No vocals. Leaving us full of wonder and anticipation of what would be next.

Without skipping a beat, they dove right into an upbeat, catchy tune that they call “Land/Water.” Nick switched from keyboard to bass, and Joe began singing from his drum set. Each of the three performed differently. While Ray had a look of concentration on his face and would sometimes move the neck of his guitar back and forth, Nick bobbed his head constantly, hunching over his bass. Joe sometimes wouldn’t even look at his drums, as he hit each piece from memory and sang into the microphone in front of his left shoulder.

The most striking thing about “Land/Water” to me was the lyrics. As light reflected from the tuners on Ray and Nick’s instruments, we heard “I’ve got friends, and they’ve seen God/ And they said He’s not lookin’ for me.” Each verse is profound and storybook-like—outstanding at penetrating its audience.

An impressive alternative rock band from our very own Chicago, it was nothing but a pleasure getting to know their style and music.

Liz Lawson


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