Exciting! Hubbard Street Dance Presents dance(e)volve at the MCA (May 10, 2017)


Before the official start time, the dancers begin coming on to the stage to stretch. They’re casually talking to each other and warming up while wearing workout type clothes. This gradually progresses into a performance which is very casual and feels like watching a rehearsal. At one point, a bunch of them start singing “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. At another point, they form a line and then they all sit on each other’s laps. At which point, the last person says “I don’t like being in the back.” So, one of the dancers brings him a chair to the audience’s delight. This piece has many funny moments in it and is a perfect piece to perform in an informal setting.

Cadence Run

5/9/17 3:16:31 PM — Chicago, IL Hubbard Street Dance Chicago Dance Evolve 2017 Cadence by Julia Rhodes © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2017


This a beautiful ballet dance to a classical music song titled “Berceuse”, as performed by Budapest Strings. It’s graceful and joyous. It’s short, sweet, and very well done.

Berceuse Run


This piece feels like a music video. The lighting effects create a very sleek and futuristic look.  It features very strong acrobatic movements along to very modern music including the songs above and below. The picture at the very beginning of this post captures the excitement of this performance.

Get tickets now for danc(e)volve through Sunday!

Quinn Delaney

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