Dramatic and Hilarious! Native Gardens at Victory Gardens Theatre (June 9, 2017)

Pablo and his pregnant wife Tania have just moved into a fixer upper. They plan on upgrading the ugly chain link fence in their backyard, and their neighbors, Virginia and Frank, couldn’t be happier. Before installing the fence, Pablo goes to measure their backyard. The audience gasps as he extends the measuring the tape past the fence and across their neighbors flower bed! Will they insist the new fence goes where is it meant to be? Will the Virginia and Frank invoke adverse possession, aka, squatters rights? The drama rises and the laughs just keep coming!


The set is incredibly impressive. On the right is the two story fixer upper with a tree taller than the house. The ground is mostly dirt and rocks. On the left is another two story house with a pristine green lawn filled with flowers. Frank says there used to a large tree in their backyard, but they had it removed because it was ugly and posed a risk to their house.


The acting in this production is superb. In one scene, Pablo (played by Gabriel Ruiz) takes a folding lawn chair out into his backyard. He tries to act cool and unfolds it with only one hand by whipping it about. He then sits in the chair and then sinks down into it unexpectedly. He can’t help but smile. Patrick Clear as Frank is absolutely hilarious. Every time he rants about the neighborhood competition, everyone is laughing. Janet Ulrich Brooks as Virginia is solid. Watching her support Frank no matter what he says is so funny. Lastly, Paloma Nozicka as Tania is fantastic. When she gets really upset, she swears in Spanish in a burst of emotion to the audience’s delight.

Get tickets now for Native Gardens through July 2nd for Native Gardens!

Quinn Delaney

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