Strong Set! Izzy Bizu opening for Coldplay at Soldier Field (August 17, 2017)

Izzy Bizu steps out on the enormous stage at Soldier Field, where the capacity is 61,500. This is a much different setting than her last appearance in Chicago, at the Bottom Lounge, in front of about 100 people. For those who arrived early, Izzy delivers a strong set. One of the highlights is “Someone That Loves You”, a track she released with HONNE. She sings “Don’t touch me. Boy I want you. Not allowed to. You have someone that loves you.” Exactly two weeks ago, HONNE performed this song just a mile away in Grant Park during Lollapalooza.   

To close out her set, she plays the fantastically peppy White Tiger, which whips the crowd into a dance party with its syncopated chords and strong bass line. Every girl in the audience wants to be her friend and every guy wants to take her out dancing. When her 45 minute set ends, the crowd is left wanting more. The future is looking good for Izzy Bizu.

Quinn Delaney

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