Amazing and Funny! The Chicago Fringe Festival Presents Mark Toland: Mind Reader (August 31, 2017)

When you hear mind reader, you probably think of a psychic claiming to have supernatural powers. They may even claim to be telepathic. But this is not the case with Mark Toland. He comes right out and says he doesn’t have any such powers. Instead, he wants his audience to be mystified by his tricks. And that’s exactly the case tonight. With charisma and style, he proceeds to seemingly read the minds of almost everyone in the audience in many different ways. It’s very impressive and at the same time, he’s very funny. At the very end of the show, one audience member has her “mind read” in a very detailed manner. Her response was “Holy Shit!”. And that sums it up perfectly.

Get tickets now for Mark Toland through September 10th! Also, check out other fringe shows such as Brian Malow: Just Add Gravity.

Quinn Delaney

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