Fantastic Return! Company of Thieves Featuring Genevieve Schatz, Marc Walloch, Sidewalk Chalk, and Sam Trump at House of Blues Chicago (September 22, 2017)

In 2013, Company of Thieves went on hiatus. During that time, Genevieve Schatz released a solo album, “Show Your Colors”. Also, Marc Walloch released a record titled “Through The Seasons” and played bass for AWOLNATION. It was never clear if the band would get back together. Thus, the crowd was very excited to see them tonight. It’s like seeing an old friend who just returned after going away to college for four years.

The band is greeted with a huge applause as they take the stage. Genevieve is already bubbly and looking happy. “Thank you all so much for coming” she says to a packed House of Blues. They start with “Old Letters”. That signature bass line hits and the excitement of their reunion fills the crowd. Later on, as they play “Won’t Go Quietly”, the crowd smiles and sings along. “I will not go quiet! I will not stay silent!” It’s such a beautiful song, it gives me goosebumps to hear it played live. Genevieve really showcases her vocals on this song. It’s a perfect song to close their set.

For the first song of their encore, they bring out their original bandmates to play drums and bass and they perform “Oscar Wilde”. “We are all our own devil, and we make this world our hell!” This one is a rocker and Marc shows his great guitar talent here. At last, it comes time for the final song. They bring out Sam Trump and other members of Sidewalk Chalk’s horn section to play the glorious “Tallulah”. This is a fantastically fun song and it gets everyone dancing and singing. “Ooh, girl. Be my girl! You knew there was death in Tallulah!” The band may now be based in LA, but their Chicago roots remain strong. “We are back!” says Genevieve. “See you soon!”


See our review of Genevieve solo here.

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