Resilient! Parade of Lights opening for Wild Cub at Schubas (September 25, 2017)

Parade of Lights had their trailer broken into and some equipment was stolen. So, they spent the day running around the city buying replacement gear. They were working on setting up the new equipment right until 10 minutes before showtime. Just enough time for shots!  Despite the bad news, the band was still in a great mood. “We still love Chicago”, said the lead singer, Ryan Daly. “I want to move here!” Many bands just pander to the crowd, but he is clearly sincere.  Also, their music has the ability to cheer anyone up. It’s an uplifting sound that is perfect for dancing and forgetting all troubles. Their new single, “Victorious”, fits right in to their catalogue.

Their energy is fantastic for the entire set. “Everybody get golden, and put your hands up to the sky!” sings everyone at Schubas to their hit, “Golden”. It’s a dance infused rock party that’s similar to the style of Walk the Moon. They definitely put on a live show great enough to allow them to make it just as big as Walk the Moon has. So, catch them now in small venues while it’s still possible!

Quinn Delaney

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