Thrilling! WildClaw Theatre Presents Night In Alachua County at The Den Theatre

Lily is 16 and living with her mother in middle of nowhere Florida. Her father died long ago and her sister, Violet, left right after she was born. Violet calls sometimes, but Lily doesn’t know if her sister really exists, or if she is just a voice in her phone. At night, she is haunted by a ghost with no eyes.  She describes feeling a chill in the room before encountering the ghost. It would be very cool if they could recreate this effect by turning on the AC in theatre before any ghost scenes.

The set design is fantastic. It looks like they pulled a home straight out of the swamp and placed it in the Den Theatre. The attention to detail is commendable. Also, the lighting design and sound design work together expertly to create a dark and eerie scene. They take horror seriously at WildClaw, which is important because if it isn’t done well, it comes off as silly. When done right, as in this case, it’s thrilling.

Get tickets now for Night In Alachua County through October 7th!

Quinn Delaney

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