World Class! Visceral Dance Chicago Fall Engagement at Harris Theatre (October 7, 2017)

Minor Threat (1996 | Company Premiere 2017)

Choreography: Mark Godden

Music: (Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, K. 466) Performed by Friedrich Fulda, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & Claudio Abbado


The choreography matches the music perfectly in this piece. Every dance move is synchronized, note by note. It’s incredibly impressive as the dancing captures the grace and beauty of the music.


9/16/17 3:27:00 PM Visceral Fall Season © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2017

Ruff Celts (2016)

Choreography and Concept: Marguerite Donlon

Music: Sam Auinger, De Dannan, Luke Kelly, Kila, Sinead O’Connor, Clas Willeke

This piece was also performed at Dance For Life Chicago on August 19th. It uses an interesting mix of music by Irish and German composers. They often throw chalk in the air which creates a cool visual effect with the sharp lighting. The men wear kilts as they dance and yelp. It’s a performance that really exemplifies their name, Visceral.

Pick a Chair (World Premiere)

Choreography: Danielle Agami

Original Music: Glenn Kotche

This is a very unique piece. A single dancer enters the stage carrying a violin. She sits down and tells the crowd that her mother died of a rare STD. Two dancers come out and do a dance simulating sex that almost looks more like wrestling. The man walks off but the woman just lies there, dead. She is then dragged off. It’s all done in a comical manner that has the audience cracking up. The dancer with the cello then describes meeting a guy that she really likes and having the best two weeks of her life. The dancer representing her goes and gives a huge hug to a male dancer. Then, they dance together with other couples in a very joyful manner. To close out the piece, she sings “Sugar, We’re Goin” Down by Fall Out Boy.  It’s a great close to a very fun performance.


9/16/17 5:41:52 PM Visceral Fall Season © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2017

Synapse (2017)

Choreography: Nick Pupillo

Original Music: Darryl Hoffman

Long thin bright lights hang from the ceiling around the dancers. They flash in sync with the music. Then the lights rise up and the dancers move to the electronic beats as if they are in a club. It is quite a visual feast.


9/16/17 6:16:00 PM Visceral Fall Season © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2017

The entire night is excellently programmed. It’s actually very similar to the Joffrey’s Global Visionaries program. They both start with a classical piece, have a joyful piece in the middle, and end with a sleek modern electronic dance with long thing white lights. And also, they are both world class productions!

Quinn Delaney

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