Extraordinary! The Joffrey Ballet Presents Giselle at The Auditorium Theatre

A young woman, Giselle, falls in love with Albrecht. Hilarion, a gamekeeper, warns her not to trust him. After all, Albrecht is engaged and he is pretending to be a peasant when he is actually a Duke. Often during a dance performance, it can be difficult to tell what is happening. However, this is not the case in this performance as all the dancers expressively display the action and emotion.

The movement is extraordinary. It’s graceful and beautiful. Also, it’s impressively athletic with the long stretches of jumping and balancing on one foot. This is truly world class ballet that is often met with thunderous applause after an impressive feat. It’s an absolute must see for fans of classic ballet. In particular, Amanda Assuca as Giselle and Alberto Velazquez were outstanding.

4 The Joffrey Ballet_Photo by Cheryl Mann (4)

Equally impressive is the set and costumes. At the beginning of each act, when the curtain rises, the audience is in awe. This is especially the case for the second act when the stage floor is covered in a thick layer of fog to create an eerie graveyard scene. The costumes of the Wilis, female spirits who dance men to death, provoke their beauty and ghostliness.

10 The Joffrey Ballet_Photo by Cheryl Mann

Get tickets now for Giselle through October 29th!


Also see our review of The Joffrey Ballet’s spring show, Global Visionaries.

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