Review: AFO Theatre Presents Squeamish at Theatre Row NYC (October 20, 2017)

Sharon, played by two-time Tony Award nominee Alison Fraser, is a psychoanalyst by trade. In the play, she is talking to her psychiatrist, Dr. Schneider, on the Upper West side. She sits in a comfortable chair in very dim lighting. In fact, the announcement before the show strongly discourages texting as the light from a phone would triple the amount of light in the theatre. Also, if possible, avoid sitting near the aisles because the floor lights are just as bright as the lighting on the stage. She starts talking about very normal things to begin, but eventually the actions she describes become very dark and bloody.


Alison does an excellent job in this one woman show. It starts off a little slow but when it gets going, the audience is fully engaged along with her. As she tells the tale of her developing her new passion, her whole body responds with excitement. While she may be the only person on stage, she brings to life the other characters involved in her story creating a full world.

Get tickets now for Squeamish through November 11th!


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