Excellent! Teatro Vista Presents Fade at Victory Gardens Theatre (November 10, 2017)

Lucia has just moved to LA to work on a TV series. She is finding it difficult to fit in with the all-white male team.  She befriends Abel, the Mexican janitor, who is the only person that is really nice to her. They develop a friendship and he unintentionally helps her with script ideas by telling his life story. This includes explaining his “Semper Fi” tattoo, which means always loyal, and is the motto of the US Marine Corps. It’s a story that’s both funny and dramatic.

Sari Sanchez is fantastic as Lucia. She plays the role of fish out of water perfectly and her excitement is palpable as she begins to get comfortable and have success. She also fully earns out empathy as she describes the way she is treated by her superiors.

Eddie Martinez, Sari Sanchez. Photo by Liz Lauren

Eddie Martinez is excellent as Abel. He comes off as standoffish to start when Lucia speaks to him in Spanish at the start. “Podrias venir aqui? (Could you come here?)” He explains that he prefers to speak English, since they are in America. They do speak lines of Spanish throughout the show such as “Que tienes? (What’s wrong?)” He also calls her “una fresa”, which means a preppy stuck up rich person. However, he eventually warms up to her and becomes her main ally at the office.

Get tickets now for Fade through December 23!

Quinn Delaney

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