It Rocks! Firebrand Theatre Presents Lizzie at Den Theatre

In 1892, Lizzie Borden was arrested for the axe murder of her father and stepmother. It was well known that she hated her stepmother and feared she was trying to steal their family’s money. Before Lizzie was arrested, she burned a dress that she claimed was stained with “paint”. During the trial, she did not take the stand and the evidence against her was not enough to convict. In June of 1893, she was acquitted. This play is a dramatization of these events.

Upon entering the theatre, you’ll notice the front row has ponchos along with a splash zone warning. It’s a sure sign that things will get bloody. And it does get very messy when Lizzie wields a large axe. Afterwards, a crew in white hazmat suits (nice touch!) comes out to clean it up.

This production is more rock concert than play. Almost every word on stage is sung in an operatic goth rock style similar to Evanescence And just like Amy Lee of that band, all the actresses have excellent voices that are up to the task.


Get tickets now for Lizzie through December 17th!

Quinn Delaney


Does this story make you want to get your hands on an axe? Check out Thunderboldt Axe Throwing!

3 thoughts on “It Rocks! Firebrand Theatre Presents Lizzie at Den Theatre

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