Impressive! Broadway in Chicago Presents Gobsmacked! at The Broadway Playhouse (December 5, 2017)

If you are a fan of Pitch Perfect, The Sing-Off or Glee, you’ll love Gobsmacked! The entire cast is very impressive. They all have great vocal range. The most impressive is Ball-Zee, the beatboxer. It’s amazing the sounds he can produce just using his vocal chords. It’s incredible when he holds one microphone against his throat and makes a beat while simultaneously beatboxing into another microphone. Here is the full setlist:



  1. Pump It


  1. Mr. Brightside


  1. Telephone


  1. Mans World


  1. Shape of You


  1. Mercy


  1. Rolling in the Deep / Crazy
  1. Life on Mars


  1. Gobsmacked




  1. Don’t Stop Me Now


  1. She Loves You


  1. Titanium


  1. Beat Box Solo


  1. Kiss


  1. Paint it Black
  1. Could It Be Magic


  1. Mash up


  1. Hey Jude


Get tickets now for Gobsmacked! through Sunday, December 10th!



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