Review: Evanescence at the Chicago Theatre (November 30, 2017)

Evanescence’s last scheduled performance in Chicago, on August 26, 2012 at Toyota Park was rained out. Thus, the Chicago crowd was very eager to see this New York band that doesn’t tour all that often. Adding to the excitement is the fact that they are joined by a full orchestra on stage, all dressed in black.


On “Bring Me To Life”, Amy Lee, the lead singer, showcases her voice. The audience can’t help but wish that they also used a male singer like they did on the album for parts of the song.  Later on, Amy explains that the meaning of the next song has changed over the years. Now, it is about you, the audience, she says, just before launching into My Immortal. “You still have… all of me.”


When she returns for the encore, the sheet music is already on the piano. She grabs and puts it to side saying “I don’t need this. I wrote this. I lived this.”

See the full setlist here.

If you are a fan of Evanescence, check out Lizzie, playing at the Den Theatre.

Copy and paste this code into a new Spotify playlist to play the setlist:

spotify:track:2UiKSagIRbQ4NBeY2NU9f6 spotify:track:0VVBegPBBdO7Ib1dNusRCC spotify:track:6s4unRafzePIA8fNOMvvrP spotify:track:1mViHL4Vo2623ac3CdWT13 spotify:track:0FRB1hRh8V1Ul2X7qebZs9 spotify:track:5YaLFRpqpUzgLLDcukNn0H spotify:track:0COqiPhxzoWICwFCS4eZcp spotify:track:3XHnJxU46sgDWyiAtGpDW8 spotify:track:7q6CybWAg3uYLgS5tDWqmd spotify:track:0LPH1elXXqJbIHnleEvoVW spotify:track:5JzKZSftEmlmC1U8Okz9Fe spotify:track:0lhFMSNufXNvRqYihwDQ0U spotify:track:75KjpI8VLc0qLyw6T3oKbp spotify:track:4UzVcXufOhGUwF56HT7b8M spotify:track:4OHWiqojuSsDiEXQn8ZQtk spotify:track:0GoAG2WNq3mtrOtz7LkgC4  spotify:track:0eHxqgbpr2ptXQtw8Ab3ve spotify:track:1UfCIFhRr8Bci9LUJ68dvpev

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