Fantastic! The California Honeydrops featuring Ellis Hall at The Troubadour (December 22, 2017)

“Top of the hill you see heaven – From the top of the hill you see home” sings Lech Wierzynski on one of their best songs, Brokedown- Parts 1 and 2. It features an absolutely infectious horn riff that gets everyone dancing. And just like every Honeydrops show, the New Orleans brass band style party is started quickly. Word has spread about this great band which is why this show is the second of two sold out nights at The Troubadour.

“I know we’ve come a long way – Still got a long way to go” begins Long Way. Before the song, Lech described the story of how he wrote the song. He knew he was due to write a socially conscious tune. The Black Lives Matter movement was really inspiring him to try “walking in the shoes of another.” One night he couldn’t sleep because he was sick with the flu. He got out of bed and the lyrics just flowed out of him. It’s such a great hopeful song, and it has become a staple of their shows.

In the middle of the show, they bring out Ellis Hall to rock the organ. As a Ray Charles protégé, he shares a lot of characteristics with his mentor. He has a similar flair and exuberance as he plays and sings. It’s a fantastic fit with the band and it makes for a great collaboration.


“Now that you’re here to stay, you know the thrill is gone. I liked it better when it was wrong.” Everyone is singing along to When It Was Wrong.  “Some of you may think this song is about cheating. It’s actually about pretending to be cheating to spice up a long relationship.” Is this true, or does he just say this to please his girlfriend?

In total, it was another fantastic show by the California Honeydrops.  The venue was packed, balconies and all. They definitely made more fans this night and the future looks bright!

Quinn Delaney

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