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Excellent! Rudra Experiences Presents Ghunghroo – The Sounds of Yore (28th of January, 2018)

The night begins with a video telling about the origins of Delhi which then leads into the first dance. Between each dance, the video continues with the history of this city all the way up to present day. Different forms of classical Indian dance are performed leading up to the finale, a Bollywood dance. Audience members are invited to join for this one, but only one brave soul joins them on this evening. For each dance, they wear different costumes, and they are all excellent.

Following the show, an authentic Indian Barbecue dinner is presented outside, buffet style. To start, a warm delicious tomato soup with croutons and cream. Then, the main course with fish, lamb, chicken, vegetables, rice, naan, and more. Finally, there are two excellent desserts to cap off a fantastically authentic meal.


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Quinn Delaney

Bizarre and Hilarious! there will be a climax at The Old Fitz Theatre (January 16, 2018)

The red curtain parts and the song “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead Or Alive starts to play. Six characters dressed in tuxedos with colorful eye makeup launch into a choreographed dance in front of a golden backdrop. It’s all on a circular stage that is slowly spinning, which matches the song perfectly. It’s quite a sight and the audience really gets into it by clapping, hooting, and hollering. When the song ends, they strike a pose for the applause. However, since the stage is spinning, they have to keep walking to stay at the front of the stage. It’s quite hilarious to watch them fight amongst each other to be in front.

Throughout the show, various objects are thrown on stage. Kale, an air horn, and a blowup suit are just a few of the things they find. For each item, they act like they have never seen one before and they try to figure out what it is and how to use it. Watching one of them stuff all of the kale in her mouth, and then in turn spitting it all out is one the funniest  parts of the show.

Red Line Productions presents There Will Be A Climax

An assorted few are convinced they are stuck on a spinning revolve, in There Will Be A Climax at the Old Fitz Theatre in Sydney, from 9 January to 3 February 2018. CAST: Toby Blome Oliver Crump Duncan Ragg Geneva Schofield Alex Stylianou Contessa Treffone CREATIVE TEAM: Created by: Alexander Berlage & The Company Directed by: Alexander Berlage Produced by: Red Line Productions in partnership with the National Institute of Dramatic Art Set & Costume Design: Nicholas Fry Dramaturg: Alexander Lee-Rekers Lighting Design: Alexander Berlage Sound Design: Katelyn Shaw Choreographer: Toby Derrick There Will Be A Climax was originally presented at The National Institute of Dramatic Art, as part of the 2016 Director’s and Designers Graduating Productions. Photo by Robert Catto, on Monday 8 January, 2018. Please credit & tag the photographer when images are used – @robertcatto on Instagram & Twitter, @robertcattophotographer on Facebook.

It’s a very artistic piece which at times is quite bizarre. Without any dialog, the audience has to pay close attention to figure out what is happening. It’s a production that would work very well in a modern art museum theatre. It does work at The Old Fitz Theatre, which is very small space that fits about 80 people in a room below a bar. However, perhaps because of the location, it seemed like at least half of the audience didn’t understand what was happening. Pay close attention and notice the climax, then the falling action, and resolution. It will pay off with the unexpected and quite interesting ending.

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Quinn Delaney

Hilarious! Happy Endings Comedy Club (January 12, 2018)

It was a wildly fun night at Happy Endings last night. The MC of the night, Daniel Townes, was hilarious. “90% of communication is non-verbal, and I reckon neck tattoos prove that.” He had funny comments all night long about the previous comedians and great audience banter. You can find out more about him at

“This is what is sounds like when someone says something racist.” Says Rowan Thumbar. He then goes on to play the stereotypical Chinese melody on a keyboard. “And this is what that same comment sounds like to someone who is racist.” He then plays a beautiful song and everyone cracks up. It’s a great original bit and he plays many more funny ones to the audience’s delight.

John Cruckshank was also on point tonight. As an electrician, he gives off a cool casual blue collar vibe. “I have a usual after work routine. I go and get a pie and a milk. Then I sit down and say, ‘Fuck this shit!’” He goes on to say that he doesn’t need to turn on the comedy for his standup, his whole life is comedy. And we believe him!

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Quinn Delaney

Hilarious! Taking Steps at Ensemble Theatre (January 10, 2018)

Elizabeth is leaving her husband, Roland, after only 3 months of marriage. Her brother, Mark, can’t understand why. He is also unaware that his fiancé, Kitty, wants to leave him. Tristram, filling in for Roland’s lawyer, is very socially awkward. In addition, he keeps hearing noises in the house which he is convinced is a ghost.

All of the play takes place in a three story house that is represented all on one level on stage with slanted railings representing the stairs. When each character takes the stairs, they do a hilarious high stepping silly walk reminiscent of Monty Python. They also poke fun of the setup when Elizabeth dances around and dust falls on Tristram on the level below her. Hilarious things like this continue to happen to Tristram which make him more and more scared.

2 Simon London as Mark and Christa Nicola as Lizzie in TAKING STEPS at Ensemble Theatre, creditPrudenceUpton_145b

The entire cast is fantastic. They all adapt a British accent perfectly and play the characters with great comedic timing, in the great British humour style.


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Quinn Delaney

Excellent! Hawaiian Glass Bottom Boat Tours featuring a Shipwreck

Looking for a unique tour of Oahu’s southern coast? Do you want to see underwater without snorkeling or scuba diving?  Do you have children that are too young to snorkel? The Hawaiian Glass Bottom Boat tour is perfect for you. The boat is equipped with four viewing boxes which allow you to see into the water. Most impressively, we were able to see a shipwrecked boat far off the coast. It was covered in coral and hundreds of fish swimming around. It’s quite a site to see.


Also on this tour, we spotted many large sea turtles coming up for air. We didn’t spot any whales, dolphins, or sharks on this tour, but it’s definitely possible to see them in this area.  As we cruised along the Waikiki coast, the captain shared the history of the area as he pointed out the different landmarks. The most iconic of these being Diamond Head Crater, which looks even better from the ocean than from the land. He also answered questions including one about why Hawaii doesn’t have much of a tide effect along its shores.


Being able to see below the water truly makes this tour unique and a great value for any traveler! Book your Hawaiian Glass Bottom Boat Tour now!


Quinn Delaney

Excellent! John Popper of Blues Traveler at Blue Note Hawaii (January 4, 2018)

Right on time, John Popper comes up on stage. He is joined by Ben Wilson on piano. To start off the night, they play “The Mountains Win Again”. “And it looks like rain, I feel it coming in.”  Even though it was released in 1994, it still sounds fresh. Popper’s harmonica skills are on full display and everyone has a good view at the Blue Night Hawaii, a very intimate and comfortable jazz club.

After this first song, he begins to describe what he wrote the next song about. But he quickly stops himself. It doesn’t matter what he was writing about, he says. What matters is how you interpret it. “If you think I’m giving up on you, you’re crazy. If you think I don’t love you, then you are just wrong” he sings on “Just Wait”. It’s a beautiful song and it sounds fantastic tonight. Popper’s voice is so powerful, especially on this trick.

To close out the set, John sings “It doesn’t matter what I say, as long as I sing with inflection.”  It’s the start of “Hook”, and everyone shows a smile on their face. The harmonica solo on this track is legendary. Also, the fast paced singing is quite the feat.

When they return for an encore, some random guy comes up on stage with a ukulele and asks to play with the band. Popper is very friendly and he allows him to stay. The piano player tells him the chords for the next song, G C Am D. The guy says he doesn’t know how the song goes. So, John says you have 40 seconds to play your heart out. The guy goes ahead and starts to play “Hook” again. Popper joins him on harmonica. After the guy finishes the first verse, he just starts the verse over again. Finally, Popper pulls the mic away and the guy leaves the stage to end this strange encounter.

At last, they close out the night with “Run-Around”. “Like a game show contestant with a parting gift, I could not believe my eyes.” It was an excellent finish to a fantastic night of music!

Catch John Popper at Blue Night Hawaii through January 6th!

Quinn Delaney