Hilarious! Taking Steps at Ensemble Theatre (January 10, 2018)

Elizabeth is leaving her husband, Roland, after only 3 months of marriage. Her brother, Mark, can’t understand why. He is also unaware that his fiancé, Kitty, wants to leave him. Tristram, filling in for Roland’s lawyer, is very socially awkward. In addition, he keeps hearing noises in the house which he is convinced is a ghost.

All of the play takes place in a three story house that is represented all on one level on stage with slanted railings representing the stairs. When each character takes the stairs, they do a hilarious high stepping silly walk reminiscent of Monty Python. They also poke fun of the setup when Elizabeth dances around and dust falls on Tristram on the level below her. Hilarious things like this continue to happen to Tristram which make him more and more scared.

2 Simon London as Mark and Christa Nicola as Lizzie in TAKING STEPS at Ensemble Theatre, creditPrudenceUpton_145b

The entire cast is fantastic. They all adapt a British accent perfectly and play the characters with great comedic timing, in the great British humour style.


Catch Taking Steps now through the 13th of January!

Quinn Delaney

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