Excellent! Rudra Experiences Presents Ghunghroo – The Sounds of Yore (28th of January, 2018)

The night begins with a video telling about the origins of Delhi which then leads into the first dance. Between each dance, the video continues with the history of this city all the way up to present day. Different forms of classical Indian dance are performed leading up to the finale, a Bollywood dance. Audience members are invited to join for this one, but only one brave soul joins them on this evening. For each dance, they wear different costumes, and they are all excellent.

Following the show, an authentic Indian Barbecue dinner is presented outside, buffet style. To start, a warm delicious tomato soup with croutons and cream. Then, the main course with fish, lamb, chicken, vegetables, rice, naan, and more. Finally, there are two excellent desserts to cap off a fantastically authentic meal.


Get tickets now for Ghunghroo!

Quinn Delaney

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