Independent Theatre at its Best! The New Colony Presents The Light at The Den Theatre (February 9, 2018)

A Chicago couple are planning to celebrate the anniversary of their first date. The guy, Rashad, was able to secure tickets to one of the biggest concerts of the year featuring one of his girlfriend’s favorite artists. However, one of the artists on the bill truly offends her, and she refuses to go. She starts by saying it is just the lyrics, but slowly it unravels into something much deeper as very serious issues arise.


The acting in this production is absolutely fantastic. Jeffery Owen Freelon Jr. was excellent as Rashad. He plays Rashad as so loving and real towards his girlfriend.  Tiffany Oglesby is superb as Genesis. The torment on her face is clear as she struggles to deal with her past and how it will affect her future. At the curtain call, they are both still shaken up from the emotional roller coaster of the play.


Loy A. Webb has written an expert piece.  The plot perfectly evolves as it slowly releases more and more information about the characters. As their histories are revealed, it makes the situation that much more complicated and interesting. The issues are brought up and face head on. This is independent theatre at its best and everyone in the theatre gets out of their seat at the end for a full standing ovation.

Get tickets now for The Light now through February 25th!

Quinn Delaney


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