Acoustic Folk! Joe George opening for Frances Luke Accord at The Hideout (April 27, 2018)

Joe George is a singer-songwriter based in Chicago. Tonight is just him on an acoustic guitar for most of the set and on piano for a few songs. It’s a soft and beautiful folk sound that is similar to the music Michael Dorman plays on the Amazon show, Patriot. They both have great vocals and smooth guitar playing.

In the middle of the set, he assures us that if we get his record, it contains more singers and great vocal harmonies, which draws a laugh. He has a good stage presence and really connects with the audience.

For the closing song, “Take Me Away”, Joe invites the violin player, Katie, from Frances Luke Accord to join him on stage. She had only learned the song that right before he took the stage. This is very impressive as she does a fantastic job. It’s even more impressive when it turns out she hadn’t slept last night and had instead driven all the way to Chicago from Flint, Michigan.


Joe is now in the midst of a project to release a new song and a new video every month. Check out his website here:

Quinn Delaney

Also, Frances Luke Accord were excellent. See our past review of them here.

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