Delightful! Having Our Say at the Goodman Theatre (Through June 10th, 2018)

The Delany sisters were born in 1889 and 1891 in North Carolina. When they were in their 20s, they moved to New York City to pursue education and careers. This story takes place in 1993 when they are 101 and 103 years old. They went on to live until they were 104 and 109. The play is based on their book of the same name, that became a New York Times bestseller. It’s part history lesson from a first person perspective about life as a woman and as a negro (their preferred term) in America. They touch on women getting the right to vote, Jim Crow laws, the civil rights movement, and much more.

The acting is fantastic. Marie Thomas is delightful as Sadie. She is so caring and it makes perfect sense her character was a teacher. Ella Joyce is excellent as Bessie. She’s the feisty one who always has an opinion on everything and she plays the role strongly. When asked about the secret to a long life, she replies with glee “Never getting married!” Also, their chemistry together is fantastic as they argue with each other like real sisters.


Get tickets now for Having Our Say through June 10th!


Quinn Delaney

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