Music Lovers! Daryl Hall and John Oates with Train and Kandace Springs at the United Center (May 18, 2017)

Before the show begins, they are playing videos of Live From Daryl’s House. Both Kandace Springs and Patrick Monahan of Train, the two openers tonight, have appeared as guests. On the show, the guest plays some of their songs, at least one of Daryl’s songs, and a cover or two. During tonight’s performance, Daryl brings out Monahan to sing a few songs. They sing a song they wrote together for this tour, “Philly Forget Me Not”. Sometimes when older bands write new songs, it doesn’t match their old ones, but this is not the case with this new single. It sounds fresh and lively. It fits right in with the rest of their tracks. Pat also sings “Wait for Me” and “Calling All Angels.” It’s just like a mini version of Live From Daryl’s House!

Just like on his show, Daryl Hall is having a fantastic time on stage. After one tune on the piano he says, “I love playing that song”! It’s clear that he is a true lover of music. He enjoys jamming with friends and performing on stage, even in “a big club”, as he refers to the United Center.

Hall & Oates songs are still very common in popular culture. They played “Private Eyes” towards the end of the show. Psych did a cover of this tune as a promo for Season 4.  Also, to close out the night, they play “You Make My Dreams” come true. This song was just used at the end of Ready Player One, the new Spielberg film. It will be exciting to see what is next for Daryl Hall and John Oates. Their story is surely not complete.


See the full setlist here.

Quinn Delaney

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