Award Worthy! To Catch a Fish at TimeLine Theatre Company (Through July 1, 2018)

Based on a true events, this is the story of a young man who starts working for a couple of shady characters who have set up a pop up shop. Initially, he is just handing out flyers, but then they ask him to tell people they are also buying guns. The young man is eager to please them and he does just as he is told. He tells his cousin about his new job who becomes very concerned, just like the audience.


Geno Walker’s performance as the young man is outstanding. If this were a movie, it would be Oscar worthy. It’s very difficult to portray a mentally disabled person, and he does it expertly. He is surrounded by an excellent cast including Al’Jaleel McGhee (Breach)  as his cousin, who tries to protect him the best he can. Linda Bright Clay (Breach) is fantastic as the constantly worrying grandmother.  Also, Tiffany Addison plays the young man’s girlfriend so real. Lastly, AnJi White, Stephen Walker (The White Road), and Jay Worthington play the shady characters who keep their intentions well hidden.


The ending of this play is very soft. After such dramatic performances, it deserves a stronger ending. At the very least, they should have a narrator state what ends up happening to the young man. Tonight’s performance included an excellent talk back, which provided the answer to this question and many more. However, most audiences wouldn’t have this chance. After seeing the play, rethink about the title. After all, it’s not really about fishing.

Get tickets now for To Catch A Fish through July 1!

Quinn Delaney

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