Beautiful! Trifecta Dance Collective Presents In.Grained at Vittum Theatre (June 2, 2018)

Three elderly women, Mary Cox, Jeri Grein, and Donna Hennessey sit on the right side of the stage. To begin, they each stand up one after another to tell the story of their childhood. While they are telling their stories, music plays and dancers interpret their tales into movement. It’s a unique and great exploration of growing up in the 1940s during World War II.

Next, they all tell the stories of meeting their husbands and the courtship that followed. Even though this happened over 50 years ago, each of them lights up as they tell their tales. This was also reflected in the joyful dancing taking place with captures their excitement.

Lastly, the women talk about losing their husbands. It’s very emotional. They all talk about seeing signs afterwards that their husbands were saying everything was going to be alright such as a twinkling star or a seat number having special significance. The dancing truly captures the sense of loss and also the acceptance. Deek Buckins and Felicity Lyon Nicholson’s were exceptionally fantastic.

It all tied together beautifully. Don’t miss In.Grained November 9th at The Glen Club!


Quinn Delaney

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