Witty! Organic Theatre Presents The Revolutionists at Greenhouse Theatre (Through July 8, 2018)

Olympe de Gouges is struggling to write a play during the French Revolution when she meets Charlotte Corday. Corday is planning to assassinate a French journalist, Jean-Paul Marat, in order to save France. She has sought out the playwright to get a great line to say before killing him. Also helping out is Marianne Angelle, a Haitian rebel fighting for the freedom of her people. The last to join is Marie Antoinette, the former Queen of France. On a fun note, Kirsten Dunst portrayed the title character, Marie Antoinette, in 2006.

Lauren Gunderson wrote this play for its first production at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park in 2016. In 2017, she was the most produced playwright with 27 shows as reported by American Theatre. This play is very witty and quite meta as it mixes jokes about theatre and history with facts and fiction. “This better not be a play about a play”, says Corday. “Maybe we should call it Stabbing, The Musical!”


The cast does an excellent job. Sara Copeland is fierce as Charlotte Corday. When she says she is willing to kill and die for her cause, the audience believes her. Taylor Raye is very strong as Marianne Angelle. Her powerful rant is an intense experience. Laura Sturm is very funny as Marie Antoinette. “I want to have an exit like that!” she says. And lastly, Stephanie Sullivan is solid as Olympe De Gouges, who becomes aware that the only people that see her plays are the rich.


Get tickets now for The Revolutionists through July 8th!

Quinn Delaney

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