Hilarious! Avenue Q at Mercury Theatre (Extended through November 4, 2018)

In 2004, Avenue Q won the Tony “Triple Crown” for Best Musical, Best Score, and Best Book. In 2014, it premiered at the Mercury Theatre. And now, in 2018, it returns to the Mercury with original cast members Jackson Evans and Leah Morrow.




This is a coming of age tale about Princeton, a recent college graduate moving to New York City. His search for a place to live leads him to Avenue Q, where Gary Coleman rents him an apartment.  His upstairs neighbor is Trekkie Monster. He also meets Kate Monster, no relation, and starts a relationship with her. He struggles to find his purpose in life and a job with his degree in English.

Mercury's Avenue Q '18 (Brett A. Beiner) - Leah Morrow, Christian Siebert, David S. Robbins, Dan Smeriglio, Matthew Miles

Even though puppets are used, this isn’t a kids show. The sign outside cautions, “Warning, Puppet Nudity!” Just like in Hand of God, the puppet sex scene is hilarious. Hand of God is definitely raunchier. Both of these shows do a great job making the puppets come to life.


The cast is superb. Jackson Evans (Bunny Bunny) is so friendly and likable as Princeton. The same can be said for Leah Morrow (The Producers) as Kate Monster. It’s no surprise they were both invited to reprise their roles from 2014. David S. Robbins is so funny as Gary Coleman. His impersonation is spot on. Christian Siebert (Strangest Things) is hilarious as Rod. His performance is reminiscent of Christian Clemenson as Jerry on Boston Legal. Both of them are quirky and delightful. Jonah D. Winston (Jesus Christ Superstar, Machinal, Longer! Louder! Wagner) is such a strong presence as Trekkie Monster. Everyone was lining up to get a picture with him after the show!

Mercury's Avenue Q '18 (Brett A. Beiner) - Christian Siebert (Rod), Jonah D. Winston and Dan Smeriglio (Nicky)

Get tickets for Avenue Q now through November 4th! See how the Mercury Theatre continues to put on the best musical comedies!

Quinn Delaney

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