Based on a True Story! Underscore Theatre Company Presents Haymarket at the Den Theatre (Through July 22, 2018)

This play is based on the true story of Chicago workers unionizing and fighting for worker’s rights in 1886. Tensions rise between the strikers and the police force. On May 4th, a bomb thrown at the police explodes resulting in the death of seven policemen. Eight labor activists are brought to trial in connection with the bombing. A memorial at Desplaines and Randolph marks the exact location of this historical event.


The cast does an excellent job in this production. They all play instruments, sing, and move around the stage with precision. Also, they recently recorded a cast album that is currently in the mixing process. They truly bring this Chicago history to life. The only issue is that there many be too many characters. Focusing on few main characters would allow the audience to care more about their outcomes.


Get tickets now for Haymarket through Sunday, July 22nd!

Quinn Delaney

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