A Perfect Night! Whitney at Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park (8/12/18)

There is nothing quite like the Chicago skyline. Chicago’s architectural goldmine makes everything just feel bigger. Having this as the backdrop for your concert certainly raises the gravity of the performance for the artist. So given these circumstances, the people of Chicago were expecting something great when Whitney, a hometown act, hit the stage. Lucky for them, they were treated with a performance that was chalked full of high effort and crisp execution. 



The hometown band has come a long way from merely being the “opening band” at a show. In the past two years, the band’s popularity has skyrocketed due to their familiar and authentic sounding tunes. This authenticity tends to disappear when artists grow bigger, but you could see the look of amazement and honor on lead singer and drummer Julien Ehrlich. He didn’t appear arrogant or hot-headed, but instead, he proclaimed many times that this opportunity was a dream come true for the band. They certainly capitalized on this dream-like opportunity by providing a moving performance. The groovy, yet punchy “Golden Days” had the crowd dancing throughout and even singing a little bit. “Light Upon The Lake” brought a more laid-back feel to the show, but ultimately left the listeners satisfied with its infectious guitar line and its fulfilling string section. Lastly, “No Woman” brought everyone together in glee like few songs can. The songs somber mood takes a brisk turn in its second half turning into an utterly triumphant piece of music. It is nearly impossible not to bob your heads to those guitar solos and trumpet lines. The piece was certainly a high note for the show and ultimately a great way to end the night. 



At the end of the day, hanging out in Millennium Park is bound to be a good time regardless, but when you get the chance to experience the park while listening to a group like Whitney you are in for a treat. The fun, summer music the group so expertly crafts conveys very well why Chicago nights like this are truly perfect. 


 Griffin Boyle 

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