Hilarious! Broadway in Chicago Presents Tootsie at the Cadillac Palace (Through October 14, 2018)

Michael Dorsey is an asshole. Everyone hates him and he can’t get hired as an actor. So, he decides to try getting hired as an actress. He auditions for the same part as his friend, the nurse in Juliet’s Curse. As Dorothy Michaels, he lands the part. Everything is working great for him until he starts to fall for his co-star, Julie. The situation quickly gets very complicated and hilarious. It is based on the 1982 film of the same name, but there are plenty of changes for this production to feel fresh.

The entire cast is fantastic. Santino Fontana (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) is absolutely hilarious as Michael / Dorothy. Similar to his character on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Greg, he is charming and fun with a dark side. Reg Rogers is excellent as Ron Carlisle, the director. His performance is reminiscent of the great Nathan Lane.  Andy Grotelueschen is so funny as Jeff Slater, Michaels roommate. At times, it only take a few words and the audience is cracking up. John Behlmann is fantastic as Max Van Horn, the dumb actor. He makes Max so stupid, it’s impossible not to laugh.


Cross-dressing may not be new territory for comedy, but it is still hilarious in this expertly written show! It will surely do well on Broadway. Get tickets now for Tootsie through October 14th!

Quinn Delaney

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