Powerful! Broadway in Chicago Presents Miss Saigon at the Cadillac Palace (Through December 8, 2018)

In September of 1989, Miss Saigon first opened in London on the West End. In April of 1991, it opened on Broadway in New York City. The first US tour started in Chicago in October of 1992. And now, 26 years later, the revival comes to Chicago’s Cadillac Palace.

An American soldier fighting in the Vietnam War meets a local woman and falls in love. He meets her at a brothel and he makes it his mission to get her away from that life. However, the fall of Saigon marking the end of the Vietnam War tears them apart. This leaves the woman to struggle to find her lost love. It’s a very dramatic and emotional ride.

This show is a grand spectacle. The set is quite grand as well with the Dream Land bar and the amazing helicopter scene that had the audience gasping. The cast is 42 people strong plus a full live band. They sing and dance to fantastic choreography. Anthony Festa, who plays the main American solider, has an especially impressive voice. Also, Red Concepcion is so fun and energetic as The Engineer.

06.MISS_SAIGON_TOUR_9_21_18_5953 r photo by Matthew Murphy

Emily Bautista as the local woman puts on an excellent acting performance. The purpose of acting is to deliver a performance where you can connect with your audience by delivering a performance so strong that they feel the emotions you are intending to convey. And she does just that. She’ll make you cry.

Every interaction she has with her son was so powerful. It showed the strength of a mother to protect her kid even up to literally sacrificing her entire life. This is especially the case where she was forced/expected to surrender, but she didn’t give a damn.  She held her own and stood for her own beliefs.

01.MISS_SAIGON_TOUR_9_20_18_2126 r photo by Matthew Murphy

Get tickets now for Miss Saigon through December 8th!

Cost of a ticket: $92

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It!

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother

Quinn Delaney

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