Short Film Screening Style – Ok Go: The Live Video Tour at The Mesa Arts Center (December 14, 2018)

This is not your typical concert. Instead, it is more of a short film screening with live music. The evening begins with OK Go’s first recorded performance, “C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips”. They appeared on a local TV show in Chicago that could not record music, so they had to lip sync while they danced. They included a band pretending to play behind them, including two notables from NPR: Ira Glass on drums and Peter Sagal on bass!

After the video, the band came on stage and introduced the next song as their first real music video, “Get Over It”. This song remains their second most popular song on Spotify with 13.7 million streams.

Next, they described how at the end of their live shows early on, they would end with a choreographed dance to “A Million Ways” as their band signature. So, they did the dance live to the audience’s delight. By no means are they great dancers, but the performance is very humorous and fun.

Next up, they had the audience download a simple app. The app randomly assigned a music player to each user with one of five different colors.  Each player had three buttons, which each play a different note. The band then taught the crowd how to hit the buttons in time with shapes falling on the screen based on the color of their player, Guitar Hero style. Everyone was then able to play along with “What To Do”.

During one of their frequent Q&A sessions, an audience member asks if it bothers them if their videos outshine their music. The lead singer replies: “How many bands do you like for their music? Maybe ten to a thousand? How many bands do you like for their videos? One? We are happy to be that band!”

See the full setlist here.

Quinn Delaney

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