Three Plays for the Price of One! Pegasus Theatre Chicago Presents The 32nd Young Playwrights Festival at Chicago Dramatists (Through January 27, 2019)

A Green Light by Alexis Gaw

A teenager comes out to his friend, but she is slow to accept it. It makes her uncomfortable and she doesn’t want to talk about it. She says she doesn’t like to talk politics. He responds that this isn’t the gay agenda, this is his life. Now that he has come out, he decides to approach his crush and ask him to the prom. This leads to the funniest scene of the night as they awkwardly talk through this encounter. The playwright truly captured the dialog of teenagers today and some of the issues they are dealing with. The cast does a great job inhabiting these characters and giving the audience a glimpse into their lives.

Fragile Limbs by Anonda Tyler


A teenage boy is struggling with the violent deaths all around him in Chicago. A teenage girl is dealing with an emotionally abusive mother. On a chance encounter, they meet in a park. It’s a very cute display of flirting. “I’m not trying to kiss your kneecaps,” he says. They go on to help each other with their troubles. Once again, the playwright has captured the voices of the high schoolers and their issues. Also, the cast embodies the characters fantastically.

Good Strong Coffee by Luna MacWilliams


In a gentrifying neighborhood, a brother and sister struggle to run a coffee shop left to them after their parents passed away. The brother has a wife and a child who just took his first steps. The sister has artistic ambitions and is focused on performing at open mics. This play differs from the other ones in that the characters are a bit older dealing with issues most teenagers don’t face. Thus, the cast seemed a bit out of their element playing adults.

Get tickets now for The 32nd Young Playwrights Festival through January 27th!

Cost of a ticket: $30
PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Worth It
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Quinn Delaney

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