Dramatic and Exciting! Cardboard Piano at Timeline Theatre (Through March 17, 2019)

In a war zone in Northern Uganda, the daughter of the American pastor and a local girl fall in love. They have an intimate wedding ceremony with just the two of them that includes a great use of “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers. They secretly plan to run away together to Tunisia. While they are planning their getaway, a teenage soldier comes into the church bleeding from where his ear used to be. He starts off by threatening them but then he agrees to let them help him. Later on, another soldier arrives looking for the first one leading to the dramatic finish of the first act.

This is a very dramatic and exciting play. The audience is on the edge of their seats each time a soldier enters with an unknown agenda. The sound of rain and actual water falling from above combined with the lightning flashes and thunder greatly build the atmosphere. The story truly sheds a light on this violent history of Uganda.

The cast is superb. Adia Alli is fantastic as the local girl who is madly in love. Her chemistry is strong with Kearstyn Keller as the pastor’s daughter, who plays the role with fierce strength. Freedom Martin plays Pika as a teenager scared out of his mind in a frighteningly, realistic fashion. Lastly, Kai A. Ealy puts on one hell of a performance as Paul.

Get tickets now for Cardboard Piano through March 17th!


Cost of a ticket: $40

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Exceptional Value

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother



Quinn Delaney

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