Hilarious! Shattered Globe Theatre and Theater Wit Present The Realistic Joneses at Theater Wit (Through March 9, 2019)

Bob and Jennifer Jones are sitting on their back porch chatting about life. They hear the clanging of their garbage cans and suspect it is a skunk or a raccoon. As it turns out, it’s their new neighbors, John and Pony Jones. They say they weren’t eavesdropping, but then later on they admit they were listening while standing silently in the dark. “Wow, it sounds weird when you say it out loud.” The new neighbors continue to act strangely as they sit down and talk. The audience is cracking up constantly in response to their very bizarre behavior.

This play is absolutely hilarious. John and Pony say the strangest things that you just can’t help to laugh at. You’ll start to wonder what the title is referring to? Are they realistic robots? Aliens pretending to be humans? Or, are they just really awkward? This added mystery adds to the excitement of the production.

At one point, Jennifer is listening to music featuring a didjeridu, an Australian instrument. This odd music perfectly matches the tone of this play. In addition, the set is very impressive. The entire back porch slides back, a fence slides over, and then the kitchen from the other house smoothly slides forward. It’s a great feat to fit all of this on the medium sized stage.


The cast is excellent. Joseph Wiens is hilarious as John saying the most ridiculous things. He barely cracks a smile a few times, but it’s amazing he doesn’t constantly break playing this character. Courtney McKenna is equally funny as Pony showing great comedic chops in many different situations. Linda Reiter is fantastic as Jennifer, the wife who is concerned about her husband and curious about the new neighbors. HB Ward is great as Bob, the husband who is very amused by the whole situation.


Get tickets now for The Realistic Jones at Theatre Wit through March 9th!


Cost of a ticket: $34

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Exceptional Value

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother


Quinn Delaney

3 thoughts on “Hilarious! Shattered Globe Theatre and Theater Wit Present The Realistic Joneses at Theater Wit (Through March 9, 2019)

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