Review: Fulfillment Center at A Red Orchid Theatre (Through March 24, 2019)

Alex has just moved to New Mexico from New York City with his girlfriend, Madeleine. He relocated to be a manager at a fulfillment center. Madeleine was quite reluctant to make the move. Alex hires Suzan to fill orders, despite his reservations that she is too slow to keep up. Suzan is living in a tent on a campground where she meets John, who is living out of his car. He has the best line of the play. “I feel old. I’m 42. It’s the oldest I’ve ever been!”


It’s an interesting setup, but nothing very exciting happens. A few interesting developments begin to occur, but they aren’t deeply explored. A few laughs are had, but not enough to call it a comedy. It’s very short at just 80 minutes with no intermission. At this length, it feels half finished. There is potential here, however, if it is more fully flushed out.


Get tickets now for Fulfillment Center through March 24th.

Cost of a ticket: $40

PlaylistHQ Economic Rating: Half Price

Rating Scale: Exceptional Value > Worth It > Half Price > Go for Free > Don’t Bother


Quinn Delaney

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